Hey! I’m Maria Estefany Barbosa, a travel blogger and content creator of Fhan Funventure where you can find healthy travel hacks and my nature experience.

A Filipina born in Canary Island, Spain, raised in the Philippines but now I am based in Barcelona.

I am a single mother of my sweetest 11-year-old son and working as a full-time IT Service Desk.

I love mountain hiking so I always make sure to have an outdoor activity on a city trip.

Therefore, my care for nature and love to travel inspires me to share my experiences through this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire all traveling moms out there to fun venture into the world. Being a mother is not easy, and most especially for a single parent. Connecting to nature is my therapy ever since. I am the eldest among the four siblings, and challenges are always there as we grow up. Whenever things get a bit thought in my teenaged years, connecting to nature calms me. The sound of the waves on the ocean is music to my ears and the blow of the wind hitting the leaves on a tree makes me feel renewed. I am lucky enough we have the beach near to my place and trees all over around the subdivision where I lived back in the Philippines.

So if you are a traveling mom or a single parent who loves to travel and connect to nature, this blog is for you. Learn some travel hacks, how to juggle time for family and work, and be inspired by the nature photographs from this blog. Click on the see more tab below to know more about me and this traveling mom blog journey.







Traveling is not always expensive.

Maria Estefany Barbosa,
Travel Blogger

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