10 things to pack on a Lanzarote hike

Canary Islands is well-known for it’s volcanic landscapes, all year round tropical weather, beautiful beaches, food and culture. People normally come to surf, visit tourist places but did some ever think of go hiking on these beautiful landscapes?

Hiking is my therapy and never done any hike in Lanzarote. So I will show some of my upcoming hiking in Lanzarote.

As a preparation for my first hike in Lanzarote, here are ten things that I will pack for my hiking:

  1. reusable water bottle
  2. trekking pole
  3. hiking shoes
  4. hand towel
  5. sunglasses
  6. t-shirt and shorts are best for this 365 tropical weather
  7. light-healthy snacks
  8. sunscreen
  9. sun hat
  10. camera

Note: Stay on the trail as much as possible, leave no trace, and make sure to dispose of waste appropriately.

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