Hey! I’m Maria Estefany Barbosa, a travel blogger and content creator of Fhan Funventure where you can find healthy travel hacks and my nature experience.

A Filipina born in Canary Island, Spain, raised in the Philippines but now I am based in Barcelona.

I am a single mother of my sweetest 11-year-old son and working as a full-time IT Service Desk.

I speak Spanish, English, Tagalog, and Bikol (a language we use in my town back in the Philippines).

The eldest among the four siblings; the youngest and I are girls, while the middle children are boys.


I like to say thank you to our parents, who patiently processed and completed our dual citizenship as Filipino-Spanish application. It gave us more opportunity to travel in so many countries without a visa required and a chance to look for our career opportunities in most countries.

Living in the Philippines for 22 years, I gave birth to my son (now 11 years old) and got married to my late husband (a Filipino). I became a widow after six months of getting married.

Despite living most of my life in the Philippines, my parents made sure that we won’t forget the Spanish language. Honestly, this became an advantage for me when looking for a job. I’ve studied Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, but in the end I’ve got the chance to work in the Information Technology industry due to my language skills.

When I was a kid, I am already a nature lover. My mother trained us not to throw any trash anywhere but in the trash bin. Therefore, I sometimes go home from school with a few papers, etc. to throw in the bin. I am lucky we’ve got the Bagasbas beach close and the Mayon Volcano few rides away from our house back in the Philippines. And I feel like  a nature goddess born in Lanzarote, Canary Island, Spain

FHAN FUNVENTURE: A traveling single parent

Are you one of the single parents who think minor traveling with one parent is hassle or complicated? Therefore, you travel alone or with friends? Traveling is one way how we connect with our kids and dedicate our precious time to time outside the home.

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