Boracay Island: How to prepare a Boracay trip

Boracay Beach

I was working on an Information Technology Outsourcing industry as an IT service desk analyst in Parañaque, Philippines.

In this blog, I will share how I and some of my colleagues planned this 4-day trip to Boracay. However, I find it irrelevant if I am going to share our expenses on this trip. As most definitely, a lot will change after this lockdown situation.

Check below how we started to plan this trip:

  • First, start searching for flights from Manila to Boracay ahead of time. (in our case we booked Cebu Pacific airlines)
  • second, make sure you request for holidays, and it has been approved by the management.
  • book for the accommodation on time. (we booked ours with Agoda)
  • moreover, we have allotted a budget and give to someone in charge to pay the fare along our way from the airport to the hotel and vise versa.

NOTE: The best months to visit the islands are from March to second week of May.

After we reach the hotel, we left our things in our room and took a tour around to get a bit familiar and observe the surroundings. Most importantly, choose which activity you and your group would like to do. There are different activity package deals at the same prices so make sure everyone agrees and likes the activity.

Here are some activities we did:

Feeding fishes under the water is exciting and a bit scared, as that was my first time experiencing it.

We rode to a quad to reach this amazing overlook and also that was my first quad experience.

We cross the island to the beautiful Crystal Cove Island to swim and do snorkeling. There equipments available but, of course, it was used by other people already, so I would still recommend bringing your equipment.

After doing some more activities like riding on a hanging bicycle, watch some shows at night on the beach, visited an upside-down museum, etc., we spent time enjoying the beach, sunrise, and sunset.

It is time to go back to the city to face the real life after enjoying the beautiful island of Boracay. haha

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