Whenever we travel somewhere, most of us think of heading to our destination the soonest we can, which leads to skipping a long layover. Did you ever think that a long layover could be fun?

People think this is a waste of time, getting stuck in an unfamiliar place but, how about changing this point of view and say this can be FUN; A free mini-vacation that can rock your day! Being a tourist and explore a new place for a short time how enjoying it can be.

Now let’s turn an uff to a WOW! Here are some tips on how to prepare for a long layover:

  1. You can use Skyscanner to check the best flight deal with a long layover.
  2. Make sure to layover in a country without additional documents require or prepare the necessary documents if it is easy to process.
  3. Check their currency and budget your mini-vacation if you wish to buy any souvenir, for food and transportation.
  4. Do research which place you would like to visit in that country and prepare your little guide or map.
  5. Remember that you may not have a phone signal in the other country, then roaming data can save your life.

A few years ago, I did my first long layover in Dusseldorf to enjoy a mini-vacation, and that was my solo travel from Spain to the Philippines. I can’t remember clearly, but I think it was an 18-20hours layover, so I’ve prepared for that following the tips mentioned above. I’ve booked a hostel with six beds for female only, and luckily there was only 2 of us occupying the room my whole stay at the hostel. I had so much fun on this solo mini-vacation even though it was a challenge to not being able to find any single person that speaks English on my mini escape.

Enjoy some of my captured moments:


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