How to save money on your next trip hack

Do you love to travel but clueless about how to save money for your next travel? I’ve been traveling since I was a child to visit my family/relatives. And now I’m traveling to new places, to enjoy knowing more about the destination and not only visiting relatives.

Learn how to save money with these budget travel hacks:

Search or make your bookings using a private browser

Whenever we do flight searches on a browser, it saves cookies that sometimes can push the prices up.

Use Skyscanner to find cheap flights

I use Skyscanner to plan for my next trip, which helps me to find the cheapest flight. After knowing which Airline has the lowest price, I move on to its website and do the same search resulting in even a lower price. Take note that permitted luggage weight may differ when you make a book from Skyscanner compare to the Airline’s website.

Travel shorter and longer

Traveling shorter and staying longer to a one destination can save money compared to traveling and changing destination. You may get a great discount for staying longer on your accommodation. Aside from saving money, it is also good for the environment and lessen pollution.

Choosing a long layover flight

Choosing a long layover flight can also be an option to save money to travel to another destination. It can be a great option, especially when you know someone to stay at the layover place. I’ve planned this when I traveled to the Philippines and chose a flight with a long layover in Dusseldorf, Germany. You may also read my blog post about how to enjoy a long layover.

Register to

In terms of searching for accommodation, is my best friend. I’ve registered my account to accumulate credits and enjoy Genius discounts at the hotel. Also, there will be more options for free cancellation, and no prepayment needed.

Choose only one Airline to travel with

Choose only one Airline to travel as much as possible. Register a loyal account to it to get points and miles to enjoy a free travel opportunity. I was working in Barcelona, Spain and my family lives in the Canary Islands before the confinement. I visit them monthly, which takes 3 hours flight. I did choose one Airline and registered a loyalty account to enjoy my points and miles.

Bring your own snacks at the Airport

Tourist area and airport snacks are expensive, so it will be a smart choice to bring your snacks. Also, buying food from a grocery store or market is the best option when traveling to save money. And avoid wasting it to a fancy restaurant that you aren’t sure if you will like the food.

Travel fund makes your dream destination come true

Even if you are not sure of the destination yet, it is always best to have your travel fund ready. Treating it as one of your monthly bills can help you a lot to save money for your next trip.

Pack Light

Best if you can travel with a hand carry luggage only to avoid extra cost for a check-in luggage. In case you have booked a flight already and want to add check-in luggage, please do it online. The add-on prices for the extra-luggage in the airport teller is three times expensive than doing it online. Check my reel post on my Instagram on how to add extra-luggage online.

Are you ready for your next travel? Share in the comments below the cheapest trip you’ve done so far.

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