Historic Walled City: Intramuros, Manila

Andres Bonifacio monument in Lawton, symbolizes how Filipinos fight for Philippines during the Spanish Colonization and founded
KKK, 1986 Philippine Constitution.

During the Spanish colonization in the Philippines, Intramuros was built to protect the Spanish people. Also known as Walled City – Intra means inside and muros means walls.

Those who live quite a few distances away from Intramuros can go to the nearest railway station, which is Central Terminal (LRT-1). Though the station is a pretty long walk from the western part of Intramuros, tourists heading in that direction might consider covering the rest of the journey by taxi.

Let’s start this virtual tour in Intramuros through these photos.

It was sunny, and the weather is good at that time to go for a walk at the Fort Bonifacio park.

We went to the museum, and this fountain area is part of the museum.

We found St. Agustin Church and Manila, Cathedral, along our walk.

St. Agustin Church
Manila, Cathedral

The long isle in Manila, Cathedral’s intimacy made me fall in love with this cathedral.

It is busy and hard to get a reservation in this cathedral, however, when I met the man of my dreams (my late husband), I realize church matters but most importantly, you’re with the person you truly love.

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