Lanzarote weather people are in love with

Lanzarote and all other Canary Islands are well-known because of the all-year-round tropical weather in these islands. Lanzarote weather makes the tourist come over and over before the lockdown situation happens. Most of them decide to move over to the island to live.

Pleasant Weather at Playa Caleton Blanco

The winter has been at an extreme level in Spain that it snowed in Madrid City, where it never does before. Tropical weather lovers made this situation wanting them more to visit Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

I would say it is cold here in Lanzarote these days. But please don’t hate me if I say it is 19°C here today.

Lanzarote Weather at Playa Caleton Blanco
Lanzarote weather at Playa Caleton Blanco

It is not advisable to travel these days, but I’ll be sharing some travel tips on your trip to Lanzarote. Keep reading and check all the details that you must check and know before traveling.

  1. Whenever you feel bad or sick, with a cough, etc. please don’t travel. We may not want to be sick on our trip or vacation, and most especially not to spread any disease.
  2. Check all the requirements of the airline and of your destination and make to complete all of it. Always comply that to say sorry at the date of your departure and miss the flight.
  3. If an airline or destination requires a PCR test, check the required hours of the test prior to the departure. Some laboratories require an appointment especially if the purpose is travel. Depending on the laboratory equipment, it takes 24 hours, 48, or even 72 hours to get the result. So please be careful about making your flight bookings.
  4. Carefully read and understand the hand luggage and check-in luggage policy of the airline as new policies have made. Some airlines will now make you pay for the hand-carry luggage. The only free to carry is a backpack or any bag that fits under the seat.
  5. If you have luggage to check-in, make sure you understand the kilos required in each luggage. If you have 30 kilos allowed check-in luggage, some airlines don’t allow 30 kilos in 1 bag. They only allow a maximum of 20 kilos, then you have to prepare separate luggage for the 10 kilos.
  6. Check this short video on how to add luggage online for your trip. Yes, make the additional luggage payment online! And save yourself from paying 3x the price of the luggage at the check-in counter in the airport.

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