LONG FLIGHT WITH KIDS: Things to bring

As a parent, how many times did you have a long flight with kids? Do you prepare a checklist of things to bring when traveling with kids?

Here is my list of the things I bring on a long flight with kids. The longest travel I did with kids was from Spain to the Philippines and vise versa. And believe me! Whenever you forget any single thing for your kids, it is a nightmare! haha

First on my list are some snacks and a bottle of water.

It is fun to travel but not when kids get hungry. It is a mortal sin when they get hungry on a long flight. When traveling with kids normally they allow you to pass the airport security with a bottle of water but if not, at least you can bring an empty bottle and refill it inside the airport. Save a dollar hack!

Second is wet wipes.

This saves my life especially when there’s no toilet in the middle of somewhere. It is impossible not finding a toilet in an airport especially on the airplane but just in case, I am ready!

Third is clothes and a jacket.

Always, always bring some extra clothes for the kids wherever you go. This is a great hack that can save the day. Kids can play freely and if somethings spill off on their clothes, viola! And when the temperature keeps changing along the trip, we are ready! Clothes and a jacket save us one hundred and one percent!

Fourth on my list is neck pillow and blanket.

These will be your best friends to let the kids be more comfortable. There may be a pillow and blanket in the airplane but this is a great help in the airport especially for a long layover.

And a coloring book or a toy is a must on my things to bring on a long flight with kids.

This is a big help to keep the kids entertained and as much as possible I won’t give them any gadgets. The only screen they can see is the television in the airplane. Call me old school but I want kids to enjoy the real world than the virtual.

And having all these on my list makes both of us happy. Did you find any on this list to be added on your checklist? Like and share this blog if you find this helpful.

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4 thoughts on “LONG FLIGHT WITH KIDS: Things to bring

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, Spain to the Philippines is a very long flight with kids! I’d probably pack double the amount of chargers for everything just to make sure their tablets are always charged.

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