Minor traveling with one parent tips

Are you a single parent because you and your partner divorced or separated? Or one becomes a widow like me? I exactly know how it feels to raise a child alone or without a partner but life must go on. It is not an excuse not to raise a kid well. Continue reading for a minor traveling with one parent tips.

Plan which place you would like to travel with your kids

Search which place would you like to travel with your kid/s, it can be out of the country, out of town, or even explore beautiful places from your town. A minor traveling with one parent is having a chance to connect and know more about each other and these stay in their memory for a lifetime. I remember in my childhood days, we normally go to the beach one weekend to swim, play, have a picnic, or even go jogging with the family.

A minor traveling with one parent is allowed at the destination selected

If you decided to travel outside the country, there are countries like the Philippines that allow the mother to travel alone with the child. But in some cases and in other countries allows a minor traveling with one parent if the other biological parent authorizes the travel. Always check at the departure and destination the required documents before making a plan.

Match your work vacation from your child/children’s school vacation

I always check my son’s school calendar when classes start. Therefore, I can plan ahead and request for my holidays at work. Not mentioning the summer vacation and Christmas holidays. I remember one summer vacation, we’ve planned for a road trip from Barcelona to Tarragona. My son is not a fan of a long road trip but he can sleep in the car. If your kid/s can’t sleep on the trip, you may want to bring something to entertain them. A stuffed toy, coloring materials, etc.

Check the travel time

Stick to the time scheduled, you may not want to arrive at the destination late at night or miss a flight. These Airport life hacks can help if you choose to travel by air.

Pack things the night before the trip

Make a checklist and make sure everything is ready and pack things the night before your trip. Using packing cubes can help you put more things in your carry-on luggage.

Bring a lot of snacks and a water bottle

We know how our child/children love/s to eat so make sure they will not starve along the trip. Bringing water is not allowed inside the airport but there are water refilling stations inside so it will save $$.

Make you have a budget for your trip

We always make sure that we have a budget for our trip but it’s more important when traveling with kids. You may also want to read my blog on how to save money on your next trip.

Bring a first-aid travel kit and wipes

These things are always on my list whenever I travel with my kid or alone. Even just a piece of a Band-Aid and alcohol can be enough. Plus the wipes, as always.

I love to travel with my son as he is always on the go but sometimes not. The longest trip we’ve done together was the 16 hours trip from Spain to the Philippines. It was long but it is worth it to visit my in-laws and some relatives. We are lucky to have these beautiful places close to the places where we live. The volcanic view in the Canary Island, the Mt. Montjuic in Barcelona, Spain, the beautiful island of Calaguas in the Philippines, and more.

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