Is it too expensive to travel?

The most common reason people won’t travel because they think it is always expensive. But hey! Every place in this world has its beauty, whether it is a beach, mountain, a park, or even to visit a town next to your place, especially if you are a nature lover it’s going to be easy to enjoy your trip. I appreciate nature and love to experience it. Bicycling, walking, and hiking are some of my favorite activities (experience a walk on the beach, hike on a mountain, enjoy sunlight and play with my son in a park).

So go, and discover beautiful places in your town while strictly following social distancing.

Care for nature

Traveling and visiting places is not only about making a tour but let us always be reminded to take care of our nature and every town so the next generation can enjoy it as well. Let us treat every single place how we want our house to be treated. Conserve electricity and water, and always put every single trash in a garbage can. Always remember to leave nothing but footsteps.