Switzerland: Zurich and Appenzell experience

Zurich City
Zurich City

A weekend stay in Switzerland is one of the shortest trips I’ve made in the past, but so far this is the best trip I ever had.


On the first day, I went to the beautiful town of Appenzell, located in northeastern Switzerland, at the foot of the Alpstein mountains. The best way to get to Appenzell from Zurich is to take a train from Zurich HB to St. Gallen then change the train from St. Gallen to Appenzell. Or you can also take the train line from Zurich HB to Gossau SG then change from Gossau SG to Appenzell. Both route takes two hours to get to Appenzell. If you are not going to stay overnight in Appenzell, I recommend to get a two-way train ticket. It is cheaper and strictly keep an eye on the last trip of the train going back to Zurich.

Upon reaching Appenzellerland, we decided to take Wasserauen – Seealpsee [ 3 kilometers, about 1-2 hours ] hike. It is an easy route, but the inclined landscape makes this trail a great challenge for me. It was the tough trail I made, but it is worth it! Seealpsee is so amazing! After the challenging but fun hike having a deep in the lake is a great idea. The water is so cold enough to refresh your body, and bringing swimwear is the best idea for this hike.

Now, this is the second day and the last day in Switzerland. I take this time to have a day city tour in Zurich and buy some souvenirs. A weekend stay in Switzerland is very short, which is a good idea for those who live near Appenzell, especially at times of Covid-19. If you are planning to visit this place, please check first if routes are open as some have been closed due to the Covid-19 virus situation, globally.

NOTE: Please respect and strictly obey the safety measures in each place you visit/stay to avoid the spreading of the virus. Stay safe. Save lives.


4 thoughts on “Switzerland: Zurich and Appenzell experience

  1. Alexandra Lynne Booze says:

    I love love love Switzerland! The air is so clean and the mountains are the most beautiful I have seen. I would love to hike these trails!

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